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You may use this software free of charge at your own risk

netdb-3.0.6 (2001-01-29)

netdb system requirements

netdb makes use of a number of systems usually found on modern Unix and Unix like systems such as Linux or FreeBSD:

gcc   free Standard C compiler    
shell   POSIX shell scripting language
/bin/sh + tools:
  • awk
  • sed
perl   Perl scripting language  
apache   web server (httpd)  

netdb development is currently done using Red Hat Linux 7.0

netdb development had started using S.u.S.E Linux (netdb 1.x)

netdb 3.0.6 has been successfully tested under

netdb 3.0.4 has been tested on FreeBSD 4.1.1 also.


netdb Standard C sources can be compiled using any Standard C compiler, however default setting in netdb's Makefile is gcc.

For Linux and FreeBSD that's perfectly OK.

gcc is also freely available for many other OSs such as HP UX, AIX and many more - even for MS-DOS. :)

If your Standard C compiler is named differently (such as cc), please correct Makefile prior to compilation. Other changes should not be needed.

I have also successfully compiled netdb Standard C sources without any changes other than to the Makefile using


netdb uses POSIX shell commands and syntax, only. In fact any /bin/sh should do the trick which makes this highly portable.

/bin/bash will also do fine, of course.

bash for Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 is called cygwin. cygwin is available for free from Red Hat. cygwin comes with all the tools you'd expect including gcc, awk, sed and many more.


netdb uses very simple Perl 5 functions. No special modules are required. Many of the perl scripts in netdb originally used to be Standard C programs. Since at least on one of the systems that runs netdb today there is no Standard C compiler available and compilation always must take place on another machine, I decided to port as much as possible to perl. There are more good reasons for using perl in netdb, though. ;)

Perl runs on many, many platforms including all kinds of Unices, Microsoft OS and even very rare ones and hence is a scripting language of choice for portable programming.


netdb can be used as a network address management system with integrated platform independant DNS GUI functions. That's one way you can look at netdb. ;)

DNS/bind     dynamic DNS
DNS/W2K     dynamic DNS

For dynamic DNS updates, bind 8.1.2 or better must be installed on the system that runs netdb including the bind tool nsupdate.

netdb can create master DNS zone files (using netdb.mknamed) and named.conf configuration files for DNS/bind 8 and above (using netdb.mknamed.conf).

For dynamic DNS to work, at least your master DNS server must be configured to allow dynamic DNS updates from the machine running netdb. All your slave DNS servers must accept dynamic updates from your master DNS server. More about that can be found in your DNS servers's documentation.

netdb can update Microsoft Windows 2000 DNS servers just as well as bind 8.1.2 (or better) master DNS servers. netdb has also been successfully tested with bind 9.0.0.

If netdb is running on your master DNS server, please keep in mind that netdb may be sending DNS updates from localhost rather than from any of your Ethernet interface ipaddr. Please honor this fact in your DNS server configuration file (most likely /etc/named.conf).


netdb has been developed and tested using apache as a web server, only.

In theory any web server supporting CGI shell scripts can be used however no other web server has ever been tested with netdb. If you dare try this, please let me know what you needed to do to make this work. If it doesn't take me too much time I'm willing to help. If it does take considerable time, I can be hired. ;)

general requirements

netdb requires the following programs on the target system:

For compilation you will need:

For installation you also need: (executables will work without being stripped, though)