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netdb 3.0.6 (2001-01-29)


Contains all netdb data files with prefix $ORG and virtual subdomain name (see property domain).

In other words: for every virtuals subdomain (subnet) there is a netdb data file.

create virtual subdomain

If you want to create a new virtual subdomain, use netdb.mkdomain.

delete virtual subdomain

If you want to delete a virtual subdomain, use netdb.rmdomain.

File permissions

virtual subdomain files must be owned by netdb:apache with read/write permission for both and nothing for the rest of the world. Group apache may not be right for you. apache is the default group for the apache web server group on Red Hat Linux 7.0 systems. Please check your web server configuration to find out which group you should use.

-rw-rw-r-- 1 netdb apache xxxxx Jan 29 03:06 netdb.usr


Virtual subdomain .usr data is stored in file /etc/netdb/domains/netdb.usr or $DOMAINS.usr