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netdb 3.0.6 (2001-01-29)


netdb GUI CGI scripts

File   Function
netdbfnd.cgi   search/find netdb entries (open for everyone)
Directory   Content
admin/   GUI for netdb administrators


search/find entries in netdb using grep

Used by


admin netdb GUI

File   Content
.htaccess   configure access rights for netdb admin CGI
create.cgi   create form for new entry
input.cgi   main menu input form
netdbedt.cgi   process data coming from form
netdbget.cgi   figure out if data is edited/created, renamed or deleted


web server access rights

Configure access rights for CGI scripts so they will only work with a valid username/password combination. The actual work is done by the web server (most likely apache).

AuthName        "netdb admins only"
AuthType        Basic
AuthUserFile    /etc/netdb/htpasswd

<Limit GET POST>
require         valid-user

For this to work you need the following additional configuration lines in your web server's configuration file. The description on how to configure your web server is beyond the scope of this document, however, here is an example for apache's configuration file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

<Directory "
        AllowOverride All
        Options ExecCGI
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all


Prepare new entry using data from /etc/netdb/def/networks

Used by



virtual subdomains must start with a dot as usual

Example for hostname "newhostname" in virtual subdomain ".usr"

... create.cgi?.usr@newhostname


Show netdb input menu (if user is authorized)

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Handles storage of netdb data

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Handles netdb input menu

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netdb GUI program logic

The main menu for netdb is html/netdb/index.htm. From there you can search, input or read docs.

netdb Search

Searching is open to the public and is comprised of two files:

File   Type   Conten t
html/netdb/search.htm   HTML   HTML form to drive CGI script
cgi-bin/netdb/netdbfnd.cgi   Shell   CGI script to search netdb

netdb Input

Administering netdb data is limited to netdb administrators. In order to administer netdb data a valid username/password combination must be entered when asked.

Input is covered by CGI scripts which all reside under cgi-bin/netdb/admin/.

All CGI scripts in that directory require user authentication handled by the web server.

File   Type   Content
cgi-bin/netdb/admin/input.cgi   Shell   netdb Input menu
cgi-bin/netdb/admin/netdbget.cgi   Shell   try to get given entry
cgi-bin/netdb/admin/create.cgi   Shell   create new entry if not yet present
cgi-bin/netdb/admin/netdbedt.cgi   Shell   handle data storage

input.cgi outputs a form and points to netdbget.cgi.

Depending on whether an entry with the given hostname exists, data is either gathered from netdb or an new entry is prepared using create.cgi.

Results are fed into netdbedt.cgi which handles the complete storage: Create/Edit, Delete, Rename