Kosta's DVD Candidates

DVD online stores I buy from (mostly used on top):

Last update: 2008-07-03

Waiting for release on DVD and/or a good price

title   year DE publication date
1941   1979
Doctor Detroit   1983  
Living with the Dead   2002

Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1   1966 2004-08-31
Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2   1967 2004-11-04
Star Trek: The Original Series Season 3   1968 2004-12-06



Here is my amazon wish list.



Thanks to http://www.imdb.com/ for their superb service.


When choosing where to get a DVD I have the following priorities:

  1. English Soundtrack (best possible quality - subtitles optional)
  2. German Soundtrack

which results in the following priority list:

  1. English (best possible quality) and German Sound (subtitles optional)
  2. English
  3. German (if original German movie or non-English/German original version without English soundtrack)

I try to avoid DVDs costing more than EUR 10. Only very few make it over that limit. Given the number of DVDs I own I need to watch my budget. ;) More rambling on the subject here.

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