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trans V1.30 2001-02-22

History - how things developed

2001-02-22: V1.30 KK

1997-07-27: V1.20 KK

1997-06-14: V1.13 KK

1997-05-01: V1.12 KK

1996-06-01: V1.11 KK

1995-07-01: V1.10 KK

1994-03-31: V1.00 KK

1994-03-04: V0.97 KK

The file format looks pretty stable, but the internal data structure used in ReadCodeTable () might change.

quite a few corrections due to the fact I now had chance to check ISO/IEC 10646-1 and started to compare it with the names used here and that I wrote a few programs to crosscheck the character names.

1994-01-18: V0.96 KK

1993-12-22: V0.95 KK

1993-11-14: V0.94 KK

1993-10-15: V0.93 KK

1993-09-17: V0.92 KK

1993-07-31: V0.91 KK

1993-07-24: V0.90 KK

1993-06-01: V0.83 KK

1993-05-25: V0.82 KK

1993-05-18: V0.81 KK

1993-05-10: V0.80 KK

Please send me feedback and character encoding description files like the ones supplied in the ./trans130/cedf/ directory.