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Credits to Contributors

2000-03-11: V1.30 KK

Thanks to Alex Kapranoff for trans "-u" option (turn off buffering). Thanks to Henrik Baartz for his hints about HTML bugs in transhtm output (no </TR> and no need for "<P " and "</P>".

1997-07-27: V1.20 KK

Thanks to Markus Kuhn for reporting bugs in cp125x files and mentioning the Unicode 2.0 CD-ROM tables. He also helped to debug the tables using my HTML table collection at http://www.kostis.net/charsets/. Thanks to Andrey A. Chernov for helping to debug my preview version of 1.20 and other valuable input.

1997-06-14: V1.13 KK

Thanks to Andrey A. Chernov for hints on HTML and Unicode which helped me to write transhtm and yet another bug report about koi8-r.net. Careless me. Also thanks to Markus Kuhn on further hints on HTML. Yes, it's no good to just printf a string within HTML, if characters like '<' are in that string... ;)

1997-05-01: V1.12 KK

Thanks to Andrey A. Chernov for corrections on koi8-r and koi8-r.net and hints about FreeBSD. Thanks to Vladimir Michl for the Kamenicky encoding table (cp895).

1996-06-01: V1.11 KK

Thanks to Andrey A. Chernov for hints about FreeBSD, more Cyrillic character encodings and for pointing me at some ctype limitations that escaped me earlier. Thanks to Rainer Saitel for additions to the atarist table, a hint to add __TOS__ and an excuse to spend time on this project again... ;)

1995-07-01: V1.10 KK

Thanks to Tom Shaw for additional Apple Macintosh tables, a Macintosh Makefile and bug reports and other constructive criticism.

1994-03-31: V1.00 KK

Thanks to Winfried Koenig for hints and motivation to add more Windows Encodings and for providing a UUCP mail and news feed for such a long time. ;) Thanks to Markus Kuhn for a bug report about MS-DOS Codepages (see history) and for hosting this package on the ftp-server in Erlangen.

1994-03-04: V0.97 KK

Thanks to Karl Brodowsky for his hint to add a check.

1994-01-18: V0.96 KK

Thanks to Karl Brodowsky for the TeX dcr Encoding Descriptions and his bug report regarding "LATIN * LIGATURE AE".

1993-12-22: V0.95 KK

Thanks to Karl Brodowsky for hints on some compiler problems like nested comments and the like.

1993-11-14: V0.94 KK

Thanks to Alexander Lehmann for pinpointing me on my use of the non-ANSI function utime () in trans.c

1993-10-15: V0.93 KK

Thanks to Andrew A. Chernow for RFC-1489 (defining koi8-r) and other hints (not in RFC-1489 ;)). Thanks to Ersin for information about the "IBM Personal System/2 National Language Supplement" package. Thanks to Karl Brodowsky who made me aware of quite a few typos and the like. The quality of the tables has increased significantly.

1993-09-17: V0.92 KK

Thanks to Alexander Lehmann for his HP48 description file.

1993-07-31: V0.91 KK

Thanks to the creators of MS-Kermit (3.13) anyway and for their file CP862.TXT. ;) Sadly they didn't use ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993 names...

1993-07-24: V0.90 KK

Thanks to John H. Jenkins for his ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993 name confirmations. Thanks to Pete Kvitek for his valuable support and information about Cyrillic character encodings and last but not least for EvaFont (a great DOS font editor). Thanks to Daniel Fandrich for his error corrections to the ISO 8859-3 table.

1993-05-18: V0.81 KK

Thanks to Alexander Lehmann. His contributions and discussions have been very helpful.

1993-05-10: V0.80 KK

At the very beginning, way before I started this package, all I had in mind was conversion between the German Umlaut characters used in DEC Multinational Character Set (DEC MCS) and IBM Codepage 437. At that stage I didn't even know the names of the encodings. Over the years I've learned much more about character encodings and characters than I've ever imagined and dared to ask. ;-)

The people who helped me (eg. by sending me (printed) character tables) are quite a few. I'm sorry I don't remember their names and e-mail addresses. There is no "old" credits list. Every new contributor will be listed in the appropriate files from now on.

Kosta Kostis